Petim loods achter 2 (1).pngPetim Intern Transport (Petim) is located on a small business park in Veen. Owners

Peter and Wilma Timmermans are the driving forces behind this company. Petim

specializes in solutions for moving goods in or around a company.

Expert through experience

Peter Timmermans made a remarkable career step in 2007. After 25 years he quit

his job at a wholesaler of potatoes, vegetables and fruit in Venlo and started his own

company. Peter: “I was mainly concerned with logistics. This always involved a lot of

relocation within the company. We always repaired the forklift trucks and stackers we

used for this ourselves. I noticed that I actually really enjoyed working with machines.

Finally I took the plunge and started Petim. We are specialized in electric internal

transport machines.”

A second life

Petim only sells used machines such as forklifts and warehouse machines. Peter:

“We buy machines and completely overhaul them. Such a reconditioned machine can

then be excellent for years to come along. The great thing is that you have a good

machine for a reasonable price with a safety mark.” Petim does not only deliver in the

Netherlands. Lots of machines find their way throughout Europe.


Of all the machines that Petim sells, the stacker is a real hit. This machine offers a

compact solution for users who occasionally have to move a lot. The stacker can

move as well as lift and is the alternative to manual work. Once you've worked with

the stacker, you won't want anything else. It really saves a lot of heavy lifting.


Peter: “I always look for creative solutions for my clients. We have such a wide range

that a solution is always available. If people have doubts about purchasing a

machine, a trial placement can also be agreed (only Benelux). That is convincing.”

Are you looking for an efficient solution for relocations within or around your

company? Contact us. Call 0416 696 575 or visit our website www.petim.nl .

Petim Internal Transport

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4264 AT Veen NL

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